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Considered to be the essence of heaven and earth, Jade is believed in many Asian cultures to bring good luck and longevity while deflecting negativity. Folded like the Chinese character meaning "person" or "people", the Jade Ribbon symbolizes the united voices of those fighting hepatitis B and liver cancer worldwide.

2013 World Hepatitis Day Winners!

Congratulations to the 2013 World Hepatitis Day photo contest winners!
Thank you for supporting the fight against hepatitis B and liver cancer by submitting your
'3-for-life' photo to #joinjade.

Please contact Mie-Na Srein at to claim your prize!

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More than 240 million people around the globe are suffering from chronic hepatitis B, a common and potentially fatal liver disease that causes the most liver cancer worldwide. The good news is that we now possess the tools—screening, treatment, and vaccination—to put an end to this silent killer.

In 2001 the Asian Liver Center launched the Jade Ribbon Campaign. Its mission is to raise awareness about hepatitis B and liver cancer and provide culturally competent health information to health professionals and those at greatest risk for living with undiagnosed chronic hepatitis B, which includes Asians and Pacific Islanders.

United we can make history and eradicate hepatitis B!


We Did It!
The Asian Liver Center at Stanford University led the Bay Area in celebrating World Hepatitis Day at White Memorial Plaza on July 28, 2013. Community leaders, students, volunteers, and our Center’s staff joined the World Hepatitis Alliance in a global effort to set the world record of having the most people perform one action in multiple venues over 24 hours.

224 people participated in the “See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil” initiative at Stanford University. Worldwide, more than 47,000 participants across 9 venues in the United States and 24 countries joined together to show their solidarity in the fight against viral hepatitis.

See us in action here:

#joinjade Photo Contest
We received over 400 photo submissions for our #joinjade campaign to raise awareness around hepatitis B. Participants submitted photos where they made the ‘3-for-life’ symbol to represent the road to eradication: screen, treat, and vaccinate. Check out the winners above!

Bay Area Elected Officials Show Support
Santa Clara County Hep B Free, in collaboration with ThinkTank Learning, hosted an important press conference to recognize and celebrate World Hepatitis Day. They announced California’s largest ever one-day hepatitis B testing event at 10 different ThinkTank Learning sites throughout the Bay Area where 197 individuals were screened! Check out the article in the San Jose Mercury News here.

Thank you KTSF!
KTSF Channel 26 broadcasted important Public Service Announcements about Hepatitis B in Cantonese with Law Kar Ying during prime time. Watch them here. English speakers can watch the very adorable and informative Kang Kang Public Service Announcement here.

China Outreach
In China, 1 in 10 individuals are chronically infected with hepatitis B. That’s why our Peking Asian Liver Center team worked diligently to promote hepatitis B knowledge and end stigma against the chronically infected. They built story and photo walls, partnered with the private sector, and helped break a Guinness World Record! Check out a summary of their activities here.

Contact Us! We welcome your comments relating to 2013 World Hepatitis Day or any ideas for 2014.

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