Asian Liver Center

2006 Articles

Biotop to Support 2006 National Hepatitis Vaccine Research Conference in China, Nov. 15-18, 2006 [English]
December 26, 2006: Biotop
Running for Livers [English]
November 24, 2006: Asian Week, Cynthia Nguyen
alc 对乙肝歧视说不!“翡翠丝带”飘进成都高校 [Chinese, 中文]
November 18, 2006
首届 “关爱健康 快乐生活”研究生健康文明生活讲座举行 [Chinese]
November 2006: News of Sichuan University
Jade Ribbon Campaign outreach into inland provinces in China [English]
September 6, 2006: Biotop
"Silent Killer" [English]
August 2006: Filipinas, Gemma Nemenzo
A Successful Community Hepatitis B Screening and Vaccination Program [English]
March / April 2006: San Francisco Medicine (Page 31), Janet Zola and Eric Sue
The Stanford Daily
Center fights Hepatitis B in Asians [English]
March 2, 2006: The Stanford Daily, Leslie Georgatos
Hepatitis, 'The Silent Killer,' Driven Out of the Shadows [English]
January 22, 2006: USA Today, Eileen Blass

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