Asian Liver Center

Campaign urges hepatitis B screening
August 2013: Mercury Times, Sharon Noguchi
Lockheed Martin celebrates Asian Heritage Month by hosting ALC events
May 2013: SingTao USA News, Ren Wei Neixin
Sound Alarm on Health Risks
May 2013: Philadelphia Inquirer, Dr. Helen Ouyang
Non Profits Team to Host Hepatitis B Event in Sunnyvale
May 2013: Mercury Times, Alia Wilson
At risk for chronic hepatitis B?
May 2013: Stanford BeWell Program
San Jose Mercury News reports on Asian Liver Center's Outreach in the Private Sector
March 2013: Mercury Times, Emily Robinson
Asian Liver Center urges business owners and corporate leaders in the Korean-American community to take up the hepatitis B cause in their businesses and workplaces.
February 2013: Korea Times, 한국일보

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