Asian Liver Center
The Peking ALC always makes efforts to support NGOs in their activities, which focus on advocacy and educating the Public about Hepatitis B for nearly three years. We provide financial support, program promotion, project suggestions and many kinds of support to the NGOs that submit applications to us and meet our criteria. Five NGOs have already joined in our Jade Ribbon NGO Program and achieved great success with the support we provided. We encourage more NGOs to join in this foundation and work together to reduce the transmission of Hepatitis B and raise public awareness of this silent virus.

The NGOs' activities supported by Peking ALC, Such as:

Waling LED - - raising public awareness on Hepatitis B

Performed by the E-Road Companion Working Group of

Chengdu in September 2012
Cycling to raise awareness of HBV

Performed by the E-Road Companion Working Group of Chengdu in July


HBV three wheel taxi--educate the public on Hepatitis B

Performed by the Anxin Volunteer Hepatitis B Working

Group of Xi'an on World Hepatitis Day 2013

Taking photos for World Hepatitis Day

Performed by the Ganzhilu Volunteer Center of Nanjing on World Hepatitis Day 2013

The Jade Ribbon Working Group of

Guangxi took part in "Three Wise

Monkeys Travel the World" in July 2013

The Jade Ribbon Working Group of Guangxi made a charity

cycling on World Hepatitis Day, 2013

H.O.P.E Working Group of Tianjin holding a lecture about Hepatitis B

on 21th July 2013

ShenShen Jade Foundation

"Shenshen" means the young and hard-working student in Chinese. This foundation stands that the Peking ALC always makes effort to educate and raise awareness on school campuses. We encourage college students to have activities about Hepatitis B in their schools and communities.

With the aim of inspiring student creativity and social responsibility, the Peking ALC has already expanded Team HBV to 20 universities, including Peking University and Tsinghua University etc. By coaching the Team HBV students we educate more college and university students and raise aware- ness among them. We encourage more students to join us and let the Jade Ribbon fly in every campus.

Beijing Aeronautics and Astronautics University holding a HBV

knowledge competition

The Capital Normal University's students hold advocacy activities in the community