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Famous Chinese celebrities Huang Lei and Zhou Dongyu, join the 2014 Jade Ribbon Campaign to raise social awareness of hepatitis B and eliminate misconceptions about infection.
Uniting Beijing Universities

Peking ALC joined forces with students from Red Cross and various schools to hand out brochures about HBV to passersby. The collaboration between 20 Beijing universities has created a community in which students plan events together and campaign for hepatitis B education and outreach.

Students from several Beijing universities participated in a contest to write a creative text message about HBV and send the winning text message to people on campus. The contest was designed to inform Beijing students about hepatitis B and to establish teamwork between the universities.

Youth Awareness

Peking ALC works extensively with its university partners to broaden youth outreach, conduct surveys, and distribute educational materials. We promote the establishment of Team HBV chapters in Chinese universities and work closely with Red Cross Society chapters to promote student action against hepatitis B. By collaborating with Beijing Municipal Education Commission and Beijing Center for Disease Control, ALC has mobilized students to be tested and receive free vaccinations.

Students from 20 universities of Beijing attended the Jade Ribbon Summer Camp to train as potential leaders for Team HBV. They expressed their ideas in group discussions and brainstormed creative outreach projects to promote hepatitis B awareness.

The HepBe a Smiler activity was designed to eliminate discriminations against hepatitis B carriers and to involve members of the community in the battle against HBV. The students were successful in collecting smiles through their pictures with pedestrians.

On World Hepatitis Day, volunteers participated in the creation of the Guinness Book of Records activities launched by the World Hepatitis Alliance. During the event, people in various cities performed the "See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil" action to eliminate misconceptions about hepatitis infections.

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