Asian Liver Center

Since launching its operations in China, Peking ALC has forged relationships working at the local, national, and global levels. By working with various organizations, the Asian Liver Center can establish unifying connections that will fight for the eradication of hepatitis B.

Partnering organizations include:
-All-China Women’s Federation
-Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
-Chinese Medicine Society
-Chinese Ministry of Health
-Chinese Nurses Association
-International Foundation of the Red Cross
-Global Health Benefits Institute
-Hep Foundation
-World Health Organization

Dr. So has met with Chinese CDC, Beijing CDC, and Global Health Benefits Institute to discuss project initiatives.

To promote Peking ALC and introduce the organization, Dr. So met with the Hepatitis Foundation and the International Red Cross Society.

Peking ALC held a conference with Peking Union Medical College to talk about Know HBV, an online training tool designed to educate the public and healthcare workers about hepatitis B.

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