Asian Liver Center

Mission Statement

The mission of the Jade Ribbon Youth Council is to mobilize and educate API youth to become active leaders in the prevention and eradication of hepatitis B for themselves and future generations.

About the Council

The Asian Liver Center's Youth Council was assembled in May of 2003 in order to effectively and efficiently spread awareness about the dangers of hepatitis B within the API community with a focus on outreach to high school students. The predominant purpose of the youth council is to foster and encourage leadership as well as to equip its members with the resources to fight hepatits B.

Short Term Objectives

  • Organize and complete creative yet plausible outreach events and activities that will not only educate their high school peers about hepatitis B but also motivate them to inform their friends, family members, and local community.
  • Initially work on youth outreach within the frame of their high school and local community and later branch out into the greater parts of the Bay Area.

Long Term Objectives

As part of the Asian Liver Center at Stanford Hospital, the Youth Council is expected of nothing less than its complete focus and devotion. The key to its long-term success will be its ability to foster creativity and enthusiasm for API(as well as other health) issues that face today's youth and tomorrow's decision makers.

  • Develop the Youth Council into a structure.
  • Establish a strong foundation and generate enough interest and excitement to possibly create an organization that can be incorporated into all high schools (i.e. Key Club).

Why Do We Do This?

We, the JRYC, are members of the high school student body in the Bay Area and strive to promote awareness within our ranks and throughout our communities.

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